House of Royale has a number of workshops available. You can either come to us here in Hull, or the workshop can come to you!
Below is a list of Roxie's current workshops.

Technical Heels
Bought new Pleasers during lockdown? Got your first pair of Hella Heels and no idea how to use them? Had your platforms for a while but still feeling like Bambi? This is the workshop for you!

We will cover:
•Warm up and strength building in the lower legs
•How to walk in your heels
•Posture and weight distribution
•Gliding and scraping
•Using your box, platform, and edges
•Pronation and supination of the ankles
•Where some of our favourite exotic moves originate
•Lengthening and strengthening lines
•Perfecting your heel bang/platform clack
•Cool down and stretch
Plus much more!

👠As well as teaching aerial and stretch classes, Roxie is a qualified dance teacher with many years of ballet experience. She has also been involved in exotic pole and burlesque for almost 10 years. Lots of these techniques overlap to create strong, long lines, unique choreography and beautiful dancing.
👠Suitable for beginner to advanced. This is not a choreo class - you will learn techniques for using your platforms to their full potential.
👠No previous pole experience necessary.
👠You will need pole-specific platform heels (such as Pleaser, Hella Heels, Pole Baby etc) with an ankle strap (or boots).
👠 Kneepads encouraged but not essential.
👠Wear leggings/shorts/whatever you're comfortable in. Skin grip not necessary on the pole. Bring grip for your hands if you tend to be slippy.

Point Your F*cking Toes!
AKA Ballet for Aerialists/Ballet for Burlesque

Roxie’s original and most sought after workshop is available to book now for 2020-2021!
This workshop delves into basic ballet technique, as well as looking at grace, posture, and breathing properly (yes, there is a right way to breathe!). You will then discover how to incorporate this into your own burlesque or aerial acts, and even into your regular studio classwork.
This is a practical workshop which can be adapted for those with differently abled bodies.
Wear something you can move easily in (ballet shoes not necessary, but socks are handy) and don’t forget your water!

Floor F*cker
Dance your own sexy.

Returning after lockdown with brand new material, this is probably Roxie’s favourite workshop to teach!  You will learn all kinds of magical floor fuckery and inject your own personality and style into the final piece. This workshop can be tailored to beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
Heels required. Wear something that makes you feel bad ass and allows you to move freely.
Kneepads recommended.



Learn to strut your stuff, pose like a pin-up, shimmy and shake. In this 1.5 hour workshop we will work with boas and gloves to learn some classic bump n grind and striptease moves.


Ideal for straight after the beginner workshop. We will look at stocking peels and chair work, building on the cheeky charm and unleashing your inner goddess.


It's all about the twirl, baby! In this one-hour class you will learn nine, yes, NINE ways to tassel twirl! If you don't feel comfortable with tassels, you are welcome to wear them over the top of a bra or t-shirt.