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The Home of Burlesque in Hull

The House of Royale umbrella covers burlesque classes in Hull, workshops, student showcases and professional shows, as well as merch and bespoke costumes.

Whatever you need, you’ll find it at House of Royale.


Roxie Royale


Dancing since the age of 3, Roxie has lifelong experience of performing, teaching, and competing.
After your average ballet-tap-jazz dance upbringing, Roxie found the glittering world of burlesque in 2011 and never looked back.

Now a qualified dance teacher, aerial instructor, and stretch coach, Roxie brings her wealth of experience to her burlesque classes. Her supportive coaching, inclusive practices, and years of pedagogy create a welcoming atmosphere for all budding burlesquers.

Roxie has up-to-date dance teaching qualifications, first aid and safeguarding training, and business insurance.